• Having booked a holiday i wanted to get the bikini body i had always wanted. Andy's park sessions combined with the gym and diet plan now means i have the body i've always wanted. I feel great, my energy and confidence levels are sky high and i look forward to every session. Thanks Andy.

    -Louisa Monty
    PT client
  • I thought i knew what i was doing in the gym but never really got the results i want. Andy completely changed the way i trained and sorted out my diet too. Within a couple of weeks of training with him i was seeing better results than i thought possible. Following his guidance has meant i finally have visible abs and much more confidence as a result.

    - Anthony Nyman
    Pt client and now also a PT himself
  • Andy has helped me achieve my goal of losing weight and toning up, i never enjoyed the gym but his outdoor sessions were perfect. I really enjoyed knowing i was learning Olympic style workouts that suited exactly what i was looking for.

    - Lyndsey Gaynor
    PT client
  • Myself and Andy have been training partners for almost 10 years, his hard work and help have been a vital part of my own success. If Andy transfers his dedication from the track into PT'ing he was be a huge success too.

    Christine Ohorougu (Olympic, World, Commonwealth 400m champion):
  • I have coached Andy for 12 years, throughout the whole time he has applied himself to every session. He is very willing to learn and gives 100% to everything i set out for him. He is a valuable part of my team and has had a very successful athletics career because of this.

    LLoyd Cowan (Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European Champions' Coach):
  • I had the priviledge of training with Andy for a number of years, his dedication and professionalism to the cause was second to none. He was always there to offer advice and tips and in doing so has helped me become a better athlete.

    - Mark Findlay (ex GB athlete)